Winter Skin Care for Dry Skin

Brisk, cold air may make your cheeks rosy but can also make your skin feel dry and tight. Indoor heat doesn’t help, either. But there are some steps you can incorporate into your daily routine to hydrate and pamper your skin during the winter months.

Power up the Humidifier: When dry air pumps through our homes and workplaces, our skin can feel dry and painful. Using a humidifier can add moisture into the air, helping your skin from drying out. Try smaller units that can be placed through your home, to keep moisture evenly distributed. 

Take Warm Showers: A hot shower or bath feels amazing but the extreme heat can seriously damage to the lipid barriers of your skin. To avoid losing moisture, a shorter, warm shower will feel good and will help your skin. 

If you love a good bath, try a warm one with oatmeal to help hydrate for a luscious treat.

Keep Hands Moisturized: Did you know that the skin on your hands has less oil glands and is thinner than skin on most parts of the body? It’s true. Keeping your hands moist is important to avoid itchiness and cracking. Keep tubes of your favorite hand moisturizer at your desk, in your gym bag and wherever you watch TV. This way, you’ll remember to use it frequently. 

Don’t Forget Your Feet: Exfoliate your feet to remove the dead skin with regularity and use a rich lotion that has glycerin or 

petroleum jelly to really penetrate the thicker skin of the feet, then follow up with some warm socks to help it sink in deep. 

Use Peels Sparingly: When your skin feels extremely dry, it is best to avoid harsh toners or strong peels, which can remove the essential oil from your skin. Opt for masks that can hydrate with luxurious oils and cleansing milk based cleansers and use less frequently. 

Change Your Moisturizer: Your warm weather moisturizer may not be sufficient to help seal in moisture during the winter. Adding a serum to your routine to help retain moisture and prepare your skin for the moisturizer in the next step is beneficial. And just because we’re in the winter months doesn’t mean you can forego sunscreen. A broad spectrum sunscreen can combat the damaging rays of the winter sun and even snow glare.

DEFEND Face Serum from MOOD Skin Care is a physical sunscreen serum and a blue light protection serum, ideal for keeping your skin safe from the sun’s harmful rays and the blue light emitted from electronics. This modern face serum will never leave white streaks on your face. It is infused with blueberry seed oil, which neutralizes free radicals to detox, nourish and repair your skin. This physical sunscreen serum (READ: What is Mineral Sunscreen?) is perfect to use daily, all winter long, especially before long ski weekends or trying out that new snowboard, thanks to zinc oxide. We spend so much time in front of our 

smartphones, tablets, computers and television monitors and DEFEND blue light protection serum serves as a barrier to the High Energy Visible blue light. 

Take good care of your skin this winter. With some routine changes and effective products like DEFEND Face Serum, your skin will feel moisturized and healthy all season long.

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