Which Skincare Ingredients Not to Mix Together

It can be challenging to keep up with the current trends in skincare. As you discover the ingredients that work well for you, it is important to know which ingredients shouldn’t be combined. Let’s explore some performance elements of your favorite skincare products that are best used apart.

Retinol and Salicylic Acid might be used at the same time if a person is dealing with breakouts but wants to deal with the effects of aging on their skin. A retinoid is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines but if you are using a beta hydroxy acid like salicylic acid to keep your pores clear, these two powerful ingredients can actually create a cycle of dryness and acne. Use them at the same time and your skin can become overly dry. Your skin will react by producing more oil to compensate. To avoid issues like this, use the product with salicylic during your morning routine and use retinol at night.

Vitamin C and Retinol are not ideal to use together. Vitamin C performs at its best when in an acidic pH environment. An alkaline pH is optimal for Retinol. But if you use them together, you won’t get the maximum benefits of both. Retinol makes your skin more photosensitive, so use it before bed since your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight. Vitamin C is a superstar during daylight hours since it protects against the UV rays of the sun and pollution, so incorporate your Vitamin C product during the morning routine.

Vitamin C and soap-based cleansers are not best suited to use together. What type of cleanser do you use in the morning? One that is soap-based will have a high pH, which is not optimal if you’re using your Vitamin C. Opt for a glycolic or salicylic based morning cleanser so that your products containing Vitamin C will absorb well before you leave the house.

Retinoids and benzoyl peroxide are also not ideal skincare partners. Since retinoids are great for helping with breakouts as they prevent plugged pores by exfoliating the skin, you may think of using them in conjunction with benzoyl peroxide to clear up your skin. The problem is, benzoyl peroxide might deactivate the molecule of the retinoid, rendering them both less potent. If you’ve had success with both ingredients independently in the past, keep benzoyl peroxide in the morning routine and retinol in the evening.

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