The fall season comes with tons of excitement. Weather changes accompany the transition from summer to fall season. Like the leaves change with the ushering in of fall, so does your skin.

Generally, fall begins with pleasant temperatures. Its weather promotes outdoor activities like festivals and sports before the colder weather sets in. Your skin then retains little moisture due to the colder, drier air. Furthermore, the increased operation of heaters indoors also draws moisture from the air and makes your skin dry.

These temperature changes require some adjustments to your skin care products to get your skin acclimated to the change in season. One of such skin care products is the Illuminate Serum that brightens and glows up the skin.

Top Skincare Products to Try Out This Fall

  1. MOOD Illuminate Serum
  2. MOOD Calm Face Serum
  3. MOOD Defend Face Serum
  4. MOOD Elevate Face Serum

Enjoy the Fall Weather While Protecting Your Skin With These Skincare Routine Tips

Switch to a Thicker Moisturizer
During summer, there's more humidity to help the skin retain moisture and protect its barrier. Due to environmental changes, switching to a thicker moisturizer is necessary. This weather change should be offset by adding extra moistness to the skin. Calm Face Serum has ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which helps to increase skin moisture, and niacinamide, which helps seal in the moisture added by the hyaluronic acid.

Avoid Hot Showers
Yes, avoid taking hot showers! Hot showers can irritate and dry out your skin and also worsen certain skin conditions like eczema. Take a lukewarm shower instead. Dab your skin dry and moisturize immediately afterward to lock in moisture.

Add Vitamin C to Your Skin Care Routine
The Elevate Face Serum contains vitamin C, a potent antioxidant. It helps safeguard the skin against damage caused by exposure to the sun and harmful free radicals. An ideal natural skin brightening serum contains vitamin C. It helps to lighten hyperpigmentation, even skin tone, and boost collagen production, thereby illuminating the skin.

Use a Humidifier

The central heating system inside your home draws out the moisture in the air, consequently drying out your skin. Dermatologists recommend humidifiers during the fall to add moistness to the atmosphere. Humidifiers boost hydration of the air and also your skin.

Continue Using High SPF Sunscreen Everyday 
Just because it’s no longer summertime doesn’t mean you should stop wearing sunscreen. Sun damage due to UV radiation is a concern throughout all four seasons. UVA rays, responsible for skin cancer, are just as intense in the winter months as in the summertime. Always wear high SPF sunscreen even when it doesn't feel hot outside. The Defend Face Serum functions as a defensive armor against high-energy visible blue light and UV radiations. 

Eat Healthily
Fall comes with many enjoyable traditions that can result in some very unhealthy eating habits. Trick-or-treating and other holiday celebrations can increase the consumption of processed foods such as sugary treats, hot dogs, casseroles, and chips. These foods contain a high glycemic index and carbs levels. These can lead to a spike in hormone and sugar levels and worsen skin conditions like acne. Always drink plenty of water to keep your skin constantly hydrated.

Dress for the Fall.
These temperature changes also require a change of wardrobe. As the weather gets colder, thicker clothes, long sleeves, gloves, and scarves can help safeguard your skin from the dry weather. Wearing sun-protective clothing like light-colored fabrics protects your skin by blocking damaging UV rays from the sun.

Your skin needs extra nourishment and protection during the fall. Take proper care of your skin this fall with efficacious products like the Illuminate Serum, DEFEND Face Serum and others that help keep your skin moisturized, beautiful, glowing and healthy all season long.

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