The Skin Benefits of Unplugging + The Best Blue Light Protection Serum

71% of Americans say they check their phones within the first 10 minutes of waking up in the morning. Could you turn off the television, power down your smartphone and unplug your laptop?  Maybe you will be more inspired to do so after learning some of the mental, physical and skin benefits unplugging has, below!

Mental Health Benefits of Unplugging

Research shows that one in three people felt worse after visiting Instagram and more unhappy with their lives.

Meta, the brand behind Facebook and Instagram, has been diligently working to provide resources for people who are negatively affected by social media - because it really is a big problem. Even the most keen of people sometimes forget that social media is one big highlight reel, which can cause them to play the comparison game which cannot be won. 

Social media, texting, voice notes, emails - we love to hate them! We polled 20 business owners and asked them to check which app they use the most on their phone. Across the board, Instagram and texting were at the very top of the list. But emails? About 40% had it in their top 4-10 apps, 40% said they only answer emails on their desktop and a whopping 20% said they have someone else managing their emails! The latter admitted that it helps them be more productive and having a filter of an extra person in between helps them better respond, rather than react. 

Stepping away from technology, even for 24 hours, can help you measure how bad your addiction to the blue-light emitting devices really is. And most importantly, it can help you remember to be present where you are and that you are just fine not reaching for the "drug" that is your device. 

(Yes, we get the irony of your reading this on such a device. 😉)

Skin Benefits of Unplugging + Blue Light Protection for Your Skin

You may be aware of havoc that UV light (sunlight) wreaks on your skin, but did you know that high energy visible (HEV) light, or blue light, from electronics has the potential to do even greater damage?

That includes releasing free radicals in your skin cells, which lead to premature cell aging, wrinkles, fine lines, skin diseases and loss of volume due to decreased production of collagen.

DEFEND Daily Sunscreen + Blue Light Protection Serum 
is infused with radical-neutralizing, potent antioxidants Vitamin C + CBD, and UV and blue-light blocking zinc oxide + blueberry seed oil. 

Physical Benefits of Unplugging Regularly

The most obvious? It gives you the opportunity to work out parts of your body that are not your fingers. 
Some other physical benefits of unplugging include:

  • Better posture (yes, just straightened that back!)
  • Less strain on the eyes
  • Giving your hand joints a rest and lower your chance of arthritis.
  • Allows the mind to focus in on one moment at a time, which realigns your physiological processes.
  • Less visual and auditory input lowers stress, although depending on how attached you are to your electronics, you may feel more stressed in the first 24 hours. If that's the case, make it to 48 and you may will feel quite different!

Make a point to unplug at least once a week during waking hours. Can't make it 24 hours? Start with 2 hours, then make it a goal to reach 24 by adding 2 - 8 waking hours every week. 

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