Skin Care Trends (That Actually Work) to Look Out for in 2022

Our lives have undergone so many changes over the past months due to the global pandemic. The way we work, shop, interact and even think about our beauty have all been transformed. Exciting opportunities to revamp the way we take care of our skin are in store for 2022. Here are some of our favorites:

There will be a shift to a minimal approach to skincare in the New Year. Less truly is more. By streamlining your routines and the number of products that you use, you’ll find freedom in being more selective. The days of an overflowing beauty cabinet with products that you wanted to try but never had a chance to use are over. Instead, those in the know are finding products that multitask, are created with fewer, organic ingredients and are targeted to address the unique needs of your skin.

Try: ELEVATE Face Serum from MOOD Skincare is infused with Clementine Essential Oil to detox and nourish your skin. The best hyaluronic acid serum with Vitamin C has a 15% concentration to repair damaged cells and promote collagen production. Not only will it neutralize free radicals and reduce the signs of aging, it features hyaluronic acid to help give your skin a boost of moisture. Broad spectrum CBD derived hemp will help your skin feel calm and ready to face the day. A truly versatile product, the best hyaluronic acid serum with Vitamin C will improve your skin as well as uplift your mood, bringing a smile to your face when you breathe in the delicious scent of orange.

Since we engage with our screens often throughout the day in the form of smartphones, laptops, tablets and even television monitors, there has been an increase in skincare products in the market to help fight the effects of blue light on skin. Blue light from electronic devices leads to changes in your skin cells like cell shrinkage and death. Exposure of as little as an hour can cause these changes in your skin to occur. Premature aging and hyperpigmentation are direct results from overexposure to blue light and UV rays.

Try: Your lips are just as sensitive to blue light as your skin. The best lip balm for sun protection isDEFEND Lip Balm from MOOD Skincare. With a healthy infusion of blueberry seed oil and broad-spectrum CBD, DEFEND Lip Balm is the ultimate production for the sensitive skin on and around lips from blue light as well as the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays. Perfect to heal irritated, cracked or chapped lips, the best lip balm for sun protection contains Manuka honey, a potent and natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Shea and cocoa butter provide luxurious hydration. 

While your lips enjoy protection from damaging free radicals that cause fine lines, you’ll enjoy a boost of confidence from the glorious scent of blueberry that you’ll breathe in each time you reapply.

Try some new approaches to skincare and welcome in 2022 with excitement and a healthy glow! 

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