Morpheus8 Aftercare: Best Products to Avoid Dark Spots

Just had your Morpheus8 treatment? The RF microneedling treatment is a game-changer in non-surgical skin tightening, transforming your skin's texture and appearance. But as with any aesthetic treatment, the right aftercare is key to maximizing these results and avoiding issues like dark spots that can occur after Morpheus8.

Let's explore must-know aftercare tips and a carefully selected trio of serums that can play a pivotal role in not just healing but enhancing the effects of your Morpheus8 treatment. 


  • Prioritize gentle hydration and healing ingredients immediately after Morpheus8 to soothe and repair skin.
  • Protect the treated area from sun exposure with minimum SPF 30, mineral-based sunscreen to prevent dark spots.
  • Avoid makeup and harsh skincare products for the first 24-48 hours post-treatment to allow skin to heal.
  • Incorporate specialized serums build for post-microneedling treatments such as CALM to encourage healing, ILLUMINATE to reduce dark spots, and DEFEND for UV protection to enhance and prolong treatment benefits.

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Post-treatment, your skin needs gentle care that soothes, hydrates and promotes healing without further irritating it. You will want to use a minimal amount of products, selecting those that pack a punch. 

CALM Healing Hydration Serum

The CALM Serum steps up as the ideal solution, offering deep hydration with triple-weighted Hyaluronic Acid (HA) while promoting healing with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory Lavender, and nourishing Vitamin E. Its formulation is designed to calm inflammation and redness, making it a perfect first step in your aftercare routine. Incorporating this serum can help expedite the recovery process, ensuring your skin remains hydrated and comfortable.

Crafted specifically for post-microneedling, this serum is non-comedogenic, making it appropriate for application immediately after the treatment and continued application as necessary. As a study-supported aromatherapy ingredient, lavender can also increase modulation of parasymapthetic system, adding to its overall healing effects.


Did you get unwanted dark spots after your Morpheus8 treatment? While most grid marks resolve on their own within 1 to 4 weeks, some patients report marks that last for months. This is a common side effect which can occur with any skin tone and is often attributed to improper aftercare, including unprotected sun exposure. 

Why do dark spots form after Morpheus8 treatment?
Microneedling is highly effective because it produces a myriad of micro-injuries in the skin. To heal, skin boosts its production of collagen and elastin, which can also boost and concentrate the production of melanin (pigment) at the injury sites. As Morpheus8 produces deeper penetration and involves Radiofrequency (RF), the injury to the skin is greater than normal microneedling, making hyperpigmentation more likely.

How can you remove dark spots after Morpheus8?
The best way to get rid of dark spots is to get ahead of their formation by using an effective skin brightening serum in the days following the treatment. However, many skin brightening products use harsh ingredients, making them undesirable for use while skin is still irritated. The solution? A skin brightening serum that combined anti-inflammatory ingredients with gentle, effective melanin inhibitors.

ILLUMINATE Skin Brightening Serum

ILLUMINATE serum leverages the skin lightening powers of TurmericKojic Acid and Licorice Root to effectively reduce and reverse hyperpigmentation.

Kojic Acid and Licorice Root work together to inhibit melanin production, which helps prevent the formation of dark spots and reduce their appearance, while also offering antioxidant protection against environmental damage. 

Turmeric offers a dual action response of reducing dark spot and inflammation. Used for thousands of years for these benefits, turmeric is one of the understated ingredients in ILLUMINATE.

Suitable for daily use, ILLUMINATE also includes Niacinamide and Retinaldehyde to provide full Morpheus8 aftercare for skin brightening. 


SPF protection is paramount after face treatments like Morpheus8. Sunscreen are often be drying to skin, so selecting one that contains deeply hydrating ingredients. Surface hydration alone will not be enough and can cause acne breakouts if oil production is thrown out of balance.

DEFEND Mineral Sunscreen Serum

DEFEND Mineral Sunscreen Serum rounds out the Morpheus8 post-treatment care trio with its combination of SPF and deeply hydrating, triple-weighted Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Plus, this clear mineral sunscreen doesn't leave a white case!

Formulated with Zinc Oxide for its SPF 30 production, DEFEND provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection without the chemical irritants found in traditional sunscreens. This mineral-based formula is also non-comedogenic, making it ideal to post-procedure skin from sun damage and unwanted hyperpigmentation.

Its lightweight, hydrating texture makes it a pleasure to use daily, ensuring that your skin remains safeguarded and comfortable. By forming a physical barrier on the skin's surface, DEFEND not only prevents sun-induced damage but also supports the skin's natural healing process, keeping your Morpheus8 results intact.

Incorporating DEFEND into your daily skincare routine post-Morpheus8 is not just recommended; it's essential for maintaining the health and appearance of your rejuvenated skin. Its commitment to protection, coupled with its skin-friendly formulation, makes it the ultimate sunscreen choice for anyone looking to preserve their post-treatment glow.


  • Gentle Cleansing: Choose a mild, soothing cleanser to keep the skin clean without causing irritation.
  • Avoid Harsh Products: For at least a week post-treatment, steer clear of products containing retinol, high concentrations of Vitamin C, or AHA/BHA acids.
  • Monitor Your Skin: Pay attention to how your skin responds to products in the days following your treatment. If irritation occurs, consult with your skincare provider.

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