Is Hemp Good for Your Skin? | National Hemp Day

Do you know hemp? This versatile plant is fascinating, versatile and responsible for many of our favorite things. Since we proudly use broad spectrum, hemp-derived CBD in MOOD Skincare face serums and lip balms, we thought it was only appropriate to take a deep dive into the wonders of hemp to fully appreciate how this incredible plant has changed our daily lives for the better.

Hemp seeds are actually nutritious. Compared by weight, hemp seeds pack as much protein as beef. The seeds contain 21 amino acids, including those that the body isn’t able to produce on its own. Hemp seeds are even more nutritious than chia and flax seeds. They’re full of minerals and vitamins like vitamin E, potassium, iron, zinc, calcium, sulfur, magnesium and phosphorus. Hemp seeds are low in carbs, cholesterol and saturated fat.

Hemp’s fiber content features soluble fiber, which is responsible for reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. According to research, hemp supplements may lower your risk of osteoporosis, since they are high in both gamma-linolenic acid and magnesium, which are responsible for reducing bone loss and strengthening bones. 

Hemp is set to take the fashion world by storm.

In 2019, Levi’s created “cottonized” hemp when they started working with fiber specialists in order to soften hemp fibers in a sustainable way. The result? Material that feels and looks like cotton! Get ready to fill your closet with hemp-derived clothing in the future. 

The birds and the bees are in the know about hemp. 

An amazing source for pollen for bees, namely plants that are grown specifically for fiber and seed, hemp plants are attractive to bees that are on the hunt for larvae and food. Hemp could serve as a help to the plight of the honey bee, with a population that has been decreasing in recent years. Migratory birds are big fans of hemp seeds as well.

As a plant, hemp purifies the soil and can be grown virtually anywhere, in any climate and in any soil. It even has the power to kill some specific weeds. Since it can grow without the use of pesticides, it is a sustainable crop. Hemp’s short harvest cycle makes it attractive, as it can be planted and harvested in a mere 120 days. Hemp’s eco friendly properties are powerful. Hemp captures carbon emissions. It can remove 1.6 tons of carbon from the atmosphere for every ton of hemp grown.

Hemp-derived CBD can be healthy for even the most sensitive parts of your skin, such as your lips.

There are many benefits to using a lip balm with CBD. MOOD has four lines of lip balms, each with their own plant-derived aromatherapy benefit, while offering a nourishing, protective experience to your lips. 

In addition to Broad Spectrum CBD (no THC), each lip balm contains Cocoa + Shea Butter, antiseptic Manuka Honey, Vitamin E, and Zinc Oxide (SPF 30 protection). 

Safe for all skin types and tones, MOOD's Lip Balm Quattro assorted CBD Lip Balm pack contains:

ELEVATE: A perfectly sweet combination of orange flower, Madagascar vanilla and coffee, it will elevate your senses and jazz up your lips!

CALM: This is the ideal lip balm for sunburned lips due to its content of therapy-grade lavender oil which speeds healing. CBD works with lavender to reduce inflammation, while cocoa + shea butter seal in moisture provided by Manuka Honey. 

ILLUMINATE: #1 Seller and voted the #1 Lip Balm for Dark Lips, ILLUMINATE's potent combination of turmeric and lemon oil brightens dark spots in as few as 4 weeks.

DEFEND: What makes you feel more soft and cuddly than the smell of a fresh blueberry muffin? We can't think of a thing... DEFEND naturally captures this light, delightful scent with its content of blueberry seed oil and blueberry terpenes.

Take care of your lips with lip balm with CBD and elevate your mood and spirits all day long. 

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