How to Manage Rosacea Flareups

April is Rosacea Awareness Month and the perfect time to explore this issue and ways to deal with outbreaks.  

More than 14 million people in the United States currently are living with this skin condition.

Although anyone can get rosacea, commonalities exist among the following:
- fair-skinned, having Celtic or Scandinavian ancestry
- between 30 and 50 years of age
- having a family history of rosacea
- personal history of acne.

Women are more likely than men to get rosacea but men generally get a more severe form of the skin condition. Redness forms across the nose and cheeks which can be triggered by any number of factors like stress, food, beverages and sunlight. The actual cause of rosacea isn’t known but it may be connected to a bacterium - a mite that is found in everyone’s skin or possibly the H. Pylori bug.

While there is no cure for rosacea, there are ways to manage it.

Here are a few ways to calm and avoid rosacea flareups:

De-stress your life: many people share stress as a trigger. If you do, find an activity to lower your stress like meditation, breath work or exercise.

Limit your time in the sun: rosacea can be activated by exposure to the sun so protect your skin with an SPF of 30 or higher, wear a baseball cap or wide-brimmed hat to keep sun off your cheeks and if you’re spending time outside, find some shade and spend time there.

Stay cool: heat can cause a flare up so opt for a warm shower rather than a hot one, dress in layers so you can get cool faster and keep cold water in your water bottle when you exercise.

Lay off spicy foods: try a diet of mild foods to see if spicy foods may be your trigger.

Limit alcohol: red wine can be a trigger so select a different drink and stick to one or two drinks at a time, noting if alcohol is causing a flare up. 

Another way to help your rosacea-impacted skin is to select the right products that calm and soothe your skin. 

CALM Face Serum is the best hyaluronic acid serum helps with rosacea because it contains:

  • Triple-weight hyaluronic acid, which hydrates multiple layer of tissue unlike other hyaluronic acid serums that only address the surface.
  • Therapy-grade lavender oil, which helps reduce inflammation and redness, effectively calming skin.
  • Hemp-derived CBD, which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant to address environmental factors that can be provoking rosacea flareups while reducing inflammation.

Manage your rosacea flareups with soothing CALM Face Serum.

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