How to Find the Best Retinol Serum for Your Skin Type

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the wonder of Vitamin A in its many forms as an anti-aging powerhouse for skincare. Vitamin A, also known as retinoids, has ruled the skincare arena since it is highly effective in clearing blemishes, fading unwanted pigmentation, firming and lifting skin and correcting skin texture. Read on to learn more about the types of retinol and how to select a natural skin brightening serum.

Retinoids can be found in the form of retinol, retinaldehyde and Retin-A, which is pure retinoic acid. The only one to affect the skin right away is retinoic acid. What makes each type of retinoid special? All forms other than pure retinoic acid are processed into retinoic acid by the skin’s enzymes. The other types of retinoids are in different stages of being processed and many are available to purchase over the counter, making them popular in skincare products. Retin-A, because of its potency, requires a prescription.

How do these forms of Vitamin A work? Retinol breaks down into retinoic acid when it hits the skin, acting like a powerhouse antioxidant that battles premature signs of aging and can reverse skin damage. It stimulates the skin to produce hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. Vitamin A has both retinoids and carotenoids, the potent antioxidants found in plants and foods that are orange. As we get older, our 30 day rate of skin cell turnover slows to a 50 or 60 day cycle, so your skin can appear dull with dead skin cells on top and fresh skin cells taking more time to hit the surface. Retinoids are a gem, increasing the skin cell turnover rate to 10 to 14 days, giving your skin back its youthful glow. 

Retinaldehyde is a newer form of Vitamin A and is perfect for anyone who has sensitive or dry skin. In the past, retinaldehyde wasn’t used because it was unstable but scientists have discovered that in lower concentration, it is an extremely powerful but gentle form of Vitamin A. It doesn’t need to process through as many stages so it can provide results to users without side effects like dryness or peeling and is safe for people with sensitive to use daily. Since retinaldehyde is the most potent form of Vitamin A available without a prescription, it boosts collagen, decreases the appearance of fine lines, promotes cell turnover and minimizes hyperpigmentation. It is the closest step to retinoic acid with no harsh effects.  

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