Earth Day 2022: How to Make Your Skincare Routine More Sustainable

Earth Day may act as a yearly reminder to take care of Mother Earth, but as with any goals, real results require consistent action.

And being kinder to our host can be part of our daily routines, including our skin care.

Our team implemented sustainability practices in their lives.

Switching to an electric car and being diligent about recycling are well-known steps to reduce your carbon footprint. Although most such efforts can be questionable - for example, where does our recycling really go? - doing a combination of sustainable routines does have a positive impact.

While pondering Earth Day campaigns, we've tasked our team to implement at least one sustainability practice for a minimum of 30 days.

Here are a few things they came up with:

1. Reusing water bottles. Our administrative assistant, Christina, loves the convenience that SmartWater sports bottles provide. She particularly appreciates the nozzle that makes it easy to drink and less likely to spill. Instead of buying a new one every day that she goes to the gym, she kept two and continued to refill them. 

2. Reusing snack bags.  Instead of using a new sandwich bag for each snack, our social content manager, Aurora, decided to reuse her plastic bags. After 30 days, she estimated that she saved over 100 sandwich bags without any inconvenience to her. She even implemented a reward for her kids to bring back their snack bags!

3. Meal prepping. It's not just for your health! Several of our team members made a pact to prepare their meals on Sundays. By preparing food ahead of time, they were using less fuel, decreased their going out and UberEats orders - which decreases fuel consumption - and benefits their health.

Sustainability can exist in your skin care.

One practice we are all keenly aware of at MOOD is sustainable skin care!

Sustainability isn't just about packaging - although PCR certainly helps - but in how we use skin care.

Skinimalism, the trend of using minimal skin care products for maximum results, is a way of life at MOOD.

Not only does this save packaging, shipping and fuel resources, but it can also make products more effective and take you less time!

Consider the typical multi-step routine:
(1) Cleanser. (2) Toner. (3) Serum. (4) Eye cream.
(5) Moisturizer. (6) Retinoid (PM). (7) Face oil. (8) SPF.

If all are used, that is eight products for which 8 types of packaging, shipping and stabilization ingredients are needed.

Let's skinimalize it! You can effectively minimize this long-winded routine into three steps:
(1) Cleanser. We recommend using a cleanser with clean ingredients that is specific to your skin type.
(2) Toner. You don't have to use toner daily, but if you do, we recommend using botanical-based toners such as those containing green tea.
(3) Serum + Treat + Hydrate + Face Oil + SPF. MOOD's DEFEND Blue Light Protection + Hyaluronic Acid Serum effectively takes care of multiple steps, while also containing Niacinamide to regulate sebum (oil) production to reduce breakouts! Talk about a time saver.

Reduce your carbon footprint - and your skin care time - with DEFEND Blue Light Protection + Hyaluronic Acid Serum

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