Dr. Jennifer Levine Shares Benefits of MOOD Skincare

Can natural skincare have the type of benefits plastic surgeons would recommend to their patients?

Double-board certified facial plastic surgeon in New York City, Dr. Jennifer Levine, spoke about MOOD's unique offering during her virtual event, "Stress Less: The Beauty of Self-Care". 

MOOD is currently the only collection of natural skincare products on the market that naturally addresses modern skincare concerns such as blue light defense, while also enhancing the user's mental health.

Enhancing the benefits of MOOD is Broad Spectrum CBD. Broad spectrum indicates that there is no trace of THC, which can be verified in these Certificates of Analysis

In potent quantities, CBD is an anti-inflammatory that can help reduce redness, acne and other inflammation. With the presence of CBG - another non-psychoactive cannabinoid - it helps also detox skin. This NewBeauty article explains the various skin benefits of CBG. 

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