CBD Gift Guide 2021

Being a thoughtful gift giver may come naturally. But if you need some help in the gift giving department, we’ve got you covered for holiday ideas that will impress everyone on your list. CBD-based gifts provide lots of wellness benefits and can help provide calmness, which is especially helpful during the hectic holiday season. Let’s dive in!

For Anyone Who Loves the Outdoors: 

Sun and harsh weather can take a toll on your lips. Lip care products are always a perfect gift. If you have anyone on your list that spends time on the slopes, surfing the waves, hiking the trails or works outside, give them MOOD Skincare’s Lip Balm Quattro. Not only will these delicious lip balms soothe, nourish and protect their lips, but this four-pack of balm will help to elevate their mood, too! A full set of our entire line of broad-spectrum CBD lip balms, there is one for every mood and lip concern. 

CALM Lip Balmis infused with soothing lavender to speed up healing for sunburned or chapped lips and reduce inflammation while it reinforces serenity with each application. 

ELEVATE Lip Balm has a sweet orange-vanilla-coffee buzz that elevates the senses with every use while it detoxes lips. 

DEFEND Lip Balm is a modern wonder, protecting lips from blue light from our smart phones and other devices as well as UVA and UVB rays of the sun while the scent of blueberry gives a boost of confidence. 

ILLUMINATE Lip Balm uses turmeric root and kojic acid to brighten lips and evens tone while it helps to reinforce mood stability. 

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For the Furry Family Members: 

Give pet the gift of peace and good health with CBD Oil for Pets from GoCBD. Whether you’ve got a pooch with separation anxiety or a scaredy cat who can’t relax when the doorbell rings, you can give emotional support to your pet with a few drops of yummy chicken flavored CBD pet oil in their food, water or treats. Since cats and dogs have endocannabinoid systems like humans, the benefits of CBD including relaxation and wellness are similar.

For Your Favorite Insta Star:

Skincare is a religion for those who want to look and feel their best. The best face serum containing CBD can be found in MOOD Skincare’s Face Serum Quattro. This four pack of high grade serum benefits your skin and mood. It contains:

ELEVATE Vitamin C Face Serum
minimizes the  your senses and detoxes your skin with Clementine Essential Oil and 15% Vitamin C. 

ELEVATE Vitamin C Face Serum minimizes the  your senses and detoxes your skin with Clementine Essential Oil and 15% Vitamin C. 

CALM Face Serum is perfect to calm your skin, reduce inflammation and speed up healing thanks to natural lavender and broad spectrum CBD. 

DEFEND Face Serum uses radical-neutralizing blueberry seed oil and zinc oxide to defend your face from the damaging effects of blue light and UV rays while giving you a boost of confidence.  

ILLUMINATE Face Serum is the best face serum to brighten the skin and even skin tone for a natural glow while giving your memory and mood a lift. 

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For your favorite athlete:

Premium CBD Freeze Gel Broad Spectrum from Citizens Hemp is a fantastic gift for anyone who never misses a spin class, lives to run 5Ks or chases toddlers around. It works to soothe achy muscles and sore joints fast without the mess of an ice pack or the pungent smell of an over the counter mint topical cream. Always THC-free, it will never produce euphoria or the sense of a high. Any recipient will be thrilled and think of you whenever they need to relax after a strenuous workout or long day.

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Shop these CBD gifts and don’t forget to pamper yourself.  Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts are the ones that you give yourself. 

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