4 Trends to Consider for Your Spring 2022 Skin Care Routine

Spring is known for cleansing and awakening, and it is also a prelude to the busiest wedding season of the year. Much like fashion, spring also brings a needed refresh to our skin care routine. In the winter, we focus on preventing moisture loss by incorporating skin barriers but the spring brings us an opportunity to "shed" our skin imperfections and start working on that that summer glow. 

We've spoken to skin care experts across the nation to understand which trends to look out for - and which to trust. 

1. Skin Brightening Serums + Treatments

One of the most popular requests in Dr. Jennifer Levine's NYC office in the spring is treating hyperpigmentation such as dark spots and sun spots. 

Dark spots on the face appear during the winter because we too often forego the sunscreen. It's not just for the summer!

A double-board facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Levine is known for using combination treatments to achieve a result that looks natural. 

For addressing hyperpigmentation, she uses Frax 1940. It is a non-ablative laser, which speeds up recovery as it does not break the skin. Depending on the severity of hyperpigmentation, she may also combine it with microneedling and a photo facial to complete the look.

But keeping your skin even-toned and free of dark spots requires at home care as well. Using a plant-derived face brightening serum with retinoids at night will help you lighten hyperpigmentation and prevent dark spots from reappearing.

2. Mineral Sunscreen with Blue Light Protection

Working from home has its benefits - we know! But it has also increased the amount of time we spend in front of the screen, which is not good news for our skin. 

You may already know the damaging effects of skin exposure to UV rays, which span from wrinkles to cancer. But UV rays are not the only culprits. Studies are showing that high energy visible (HEV), or blue light, is possibly even more oxidizing to skin. This can be because we are spending more time in front of screens emitting blue light than the sun.

Protecting the skin against both culprits is possible with mineral sunscreens. Also known as physical sunscreens, products containing Zinc Oxide or Titanium Oxide sit on the skin. As they do not penetrate the skin barrier, they avoid the dangers of chemical sunscreen ingredients like Oxybenzone and Avobenzone, which have shown to be hormone disruptors, irritants and in some studies, linked to cancer. Although both Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide provide strong protection against UV damage, Zinc Oxide covers a slightly broader range which includes HEV light.

Mineral sunscreens can go on without a white cast. With discerning skin care consumers increasingly avoiding chemical sunscreens after news of recalls and latest research indicating dangers, mineral sunscreens that also offer blue light protection will be part of spring skin care trends for 2022.

Another ingredient that offers blue light protection is blueberry seed oil, present in MOOD's DEFEND SPF 30 Blueberry Serum - a mineral sunscreen that goes on without a white cast.

3. 15-step routines are out. "Skinimalism" is in.

If efficiency is in your top 5 favorite words, you can rejoice as TikTok's trend of "skinimalism" is definitely in for spring 2022.

And it's a trend we can wholeheartedly get behind because it's not how many products you have in your routine, but how effective each one is.

According to Miami dermatologist, Dr. Annie Gonzalez's fun and informative Instagram reels, using fewer products can help prevent breakouts and other skin reactions. It is easier to remove irritants when you are using fewer products.

MOOD's DEFEND SPF 30 Daily Serum is the perfect example of "skinimalism." It contains 15% Vitamin C to detox skin cells and stave off signs of aging such as wrinkles, Niacinamide (B3) to nourish skin, CBD to reduce inflammation, mineral sunscreen to protect against UV damage and blueberry seed oil for blue light protection. 

4. Hand serums and beyond.

As we put a lot of focus on the face, we sometimes forget about the other 95% of the skin on our body. We have to again thank savvy TikTok-ers for reminding us that hands, arms and beyond need love to.

Right on queue with the trend of using serums for the entire body, we've had an influx of MOODies telling us how they user their serums. From sunbathing in DEFEND SPF 30 Daily Serum to effectively treating hyperpigmentation on their thighs with ILLUMINATE Skin Brightening Serum, our customers are finding neat ways to honor their skin as a whole. Go, MOODies!

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